The Original Candala
Candala of Reconciliation

Photograph: Lucinda Douglas-Menzies

What is a Candala?

A Candala is an illuminated art form designed to light up our world. Built as an installation with positive intent, it is based on the circle and uses light and symbolic materials.


It is time to manifest the light
In the centre of our world

Artist's Statement

The word Candala, its universal concept and philosophy was given to me in 2000 when I was inspired to build a visible prayer for Reconciliation and to make it beautiful. The breakthrough came at my darkest hour following a year’s intensive trauma counselling.
The gift of the Candala sparked the revelation of an evolving teaching. My vision is to establish an inspiring, uplifting tradition that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures and faiths and thereby serve the generations yet to come.

Lizzie Davies

Originator of the Candala art form